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Our Mission

Good Vibes Music Therapy delivers quality music therapy services throughout Staten Island. I care about the people I serve and intend to create meaningful moments and opportunities for them, regardless of their challenges. I strive to build sincere relationships with my clients and their caregivers and hope to bring about a positive difference in their lives. 

My services address physical, social, cognitive and communication skills as well as overall quality of life. Through the use of music therapy techniques and intentional music activities, individual and group needs will be met. 

Music Therapy is the use of music to achieve therapeutic goals

Information obtained from the

Music Therapy is an evidenced-based practice backed up with years of research in various different populations

Music Therapy can help those diagnosed with:

  • Dementia
  • Autism Disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Rett's Syndrome
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Developmental Delays
  • Terminal Illness
  • and many more...

Some goals that can be addressed are:

  • improve gait
  • increase functional body movements
  • promote wellness
  • increase quality of life
  • improve memory
  • develop appropriate social skills
  • improve communication
  • increase self-esteem
  • decrease maladaptive behavior
  • the possibilities are endless!

The BEAUTY of music therapy is that no one session is the same! It is client-centered and we know that every person is unique. Some ways we could address the goals above are specific vocal exercises, instrument playing, music performance, music improvisation, singing, etc. Music Therapy is successful because people get caught up in the excitement of making music, they forget they are working on therapeutic goals. 

You're getting the best of the best


Music Therapy is provided by a board-certified-music therapist. They hold a Bachelor's degree or higher from an AMTA approved university/college program. After completing a 1,200 hr internship, music therapists are eligible to sit for the national certification board exam to obtain the credential MT-BC. We maintain our credential by taking continuing education courses to keep up with the newest methods and techniques. 

Music Therapists are also experienced musicians. We are trained vocally as well as proficient in guitar and other instruments. We adhere to the AMTA's Standards of Clinical Practice and Code of Ethics.

Music Therapy is grounded in research. click here for fact sheets

Our Team

Ivette Farciert-Vivar MT-BC

Director of services

Board certified-music therapist 

Ivette received her Bachelor's of Music Therapy from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. She completed her internship at VCU Medical Center in Richmond VA, where she worked in various units such as Hematology-Oncology, Palliative Care, Brain Unit, Med/Rehab, Pediatrics etc. She went on to work with adults with various physical disabilities. Ivette also holds a certification in Neurologic Music Therapy, which is defined as the therapeutic approach of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor function to neurologic disease of the human nervous system. 

Ivette has been singing since the age of 8 and has been involved with music ever since. She was a vocal major at Professional Performing Arts High School, located in the heart of the city. There is where she learned she wanted to use her talents in a more meaningful way. She's passionate about music and how it can help reach someone 's emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs.



Fakoya Jack-Vilmar MT-BC

Staff Music Therapist

Fakoya received her Bachelor’s of Music Therapy from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH. She completed her internship at Trustbridge Health Hospice in West Palm Beach, FL and Progressions Music Therapy Services in Mystic, CT. She has worked with various populations such as geriatric, rehab-addiction, early intervention, school age children, hospice and adults with developmental disabilities and neurological disorders.

Fakoya began playing piano at age 8 and has learned several instruments including bassoon, guitar, and saxophone. Having a passion for service, Fakoya has traveled to many countries such as, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Tanzania. Combined with her immersion in music, she decided music was the tool she would use to better people’s lives and continue to serve. 

Olivia Tetuan MT

staff music therapist

Olivia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music. She completed her internship at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music where she worked with children with special needs as well as at risk youth in school settings from the ages of 5-18. 

Olivia has been singing and playing piano at the age of 5 and has loved music ever since. She later learned to play the guitar in college. Olivia has loved working with children throughout her young adult life and has a special place in her heart for children with special needs. Music is one of her greatest loves and being able to bring that passion and love to others has been Olivia’s biggest dream come true. 



Individual Music Therapy

1:1 music therapy provides individualized treatment at least 1x a week for 30-45 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for documentation, discussion with caregivers and cleaning of instruments. 

$70 for 30 mins | $95 for 45mins

Group Music Therapy

Group sessions addresses more general goals all the while taking into consideration everyone's unique strengths. Groups are held at least 1x a week for 45minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for documentation, discussion with caregivers and cleaning of instruments. 

Click here to contact me for prices

community integrated music groups

Our weekly Music Groups are available for 2-10 year olds, especially to those who love music! Each group is kept small to help each child get enough attention to grow and have fun! Our kids play different musical games, explore new instruments and make new friends! Please contact Ivette for the most updated group schedule!

$47 for each 45-minute group

Community Integrated individual Music Lessons

Music lessons are tailored to the student's learning style, creating a positive environment in which they can succeed. Lessons are 1x a week for 30/45 minutes with an additional 10 minutes discussion with caregivers and cleaning of instruments.

$70 for 30 mins | $95 for 45mins


Individual Music Therapy, Group Music Therapy, and Individual Music Lessons include initial assessment, a treatment/lesson plan tailored to meet specific needs and on-going documentation such as progress notes.

We come to YOU!


Individual music therapy sessions and lessons can be held in your home. You also have the option of receiving services at Island Sensory Shoppe, for those that benefit being out in the community. 

Facilities such as hospitals, Adult Day Centers, public/private schools, rehab centers, nursing homes etc. can also benefit from on-site group music therapy services. 



I've enjoyed working with Ivette because she's done different things with me, even physically, which makes me feel better about what I can do. I've enjoyed the music part as well.

former client

"Ivette genuinely connected with our residents. She provided everyone an opportunity to pursue music in their own way and at their own pace. I would recommend Ivette’s various services to other clients in a heartbeat! She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and treats her clients with copious amounts of compassion and respect."               

-Megan Merson, recreation therapist at the virginia home

Music Therapy eases my stress and helps me forget about life for a little bit. Ivette has helped me tremendously with my singing abilities. She can relate to people with disabilities and understand their frustrations when times get hard. It has been a wonderful experience.

former client

I see firsthand the benefits music and therapeutic interventions have on others.  Many of our residents love to sing and express themselves through music. Ivette has open so many doors of opportunities for the residents to be involved with music and it is a great joy to see and hear.

Rebecca sontag, recreation therapist at the virginia home


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Good Vibes Music Therapy delivers quality music therapy services throughout Staten Island, NY.  We care about the people we serve and intend to create meaningful moments and opportunities for them, regardless of their challenges. We are currently seeking a Board Certified-Music Therapist  for a part-time position with the very strong possibility of increasing hours over the next 6 months. The current caseload for this position is located in Staten Island, NY and requires reliable transportation and a current driver’s license. Hours may include after school, evening and weekend hours. Looking to start position in June 2019. Please send your resume and letter of interest including a potential start date (both in .pdf form) to



  • Planning and implementing music therapy sessions to groups and individuals

  • Collaboration with professionals and parents.

  • Regular open and honest communication with the Director

  • Partaking in scheduled individual and group sessions, including supervisions, as scheduled.

  • A high level of respect and professionalism to staff, clients, and other business relationships.

  • Documentation of individual and group sessions, client communication, and other periodic reports with HIPAA compliance.

  • Advocating for music therapy services in our wonderful community.

  • Utilizing non-musical skills to assist the practice  (community events, public speaking, social media, etc.)


Why Good Vibes Music Therapy?

  • Join a rapidly-growing private practice in a close-knit community.

  • Open communication with director and peers to help everyone consistently learn and grow together!

  • Utilize resources such as instruments, books, and connections within the community and company.

  • Stipends for conferences, AMTA membership, and instruments.

  • A diverse caseload – Early intervention, children with special needs, adults with developmental disabilities, dementia-care, and populations in-between.



  • BA, BS, or MA in Music Therapy with completed internship

  • MT-BC credential within 3 months of hire.

  • Proficiency in piano, guitar, voice, or percussion

  • Highly adept interpersonal skills

  • Reliable car and current driver’s license


Hours and Pay Range:

  • Employee will start with an average 7-12 hours/week depending on availability and caseload.

  • Hours may include weekdays after-school, evenings and weekends.

  • Salary: $27-$29/hour depending on education and experience


Job setting:

  • Sessions are held within facilities, schools, homes, and community centers in Staten Island, NY.

Please send your resume and letter of interest with your potential start date (both in .pdf form) to

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